Whitley Strieber, Bestselling Author of Communion, his new book The Key - A True Encounter
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  • A Classic Read !
    by Azpooldude,

    The Key is on the ten books one must read before you die list. It anwers many questions about our existence but also leaves many thing unanswered. Like a fine wine it needs to be read slowly and appreciated. Read and re-read it and highlight those things that are of note-there will be many. And by the way I am NOT a machine. beep beep beep…….

  • No words describe The Key
    by Margaret M. Paul,

    Read and reread since it appeared in 1998. With diminishing vision the audiobook fulfills a deep need that is never satiated. I only wish Whitley had read his part as I’m familiar with his voice in Dreamland, a wonderful site to be subscribed to and stay connected. My deepest thanks to the Master of the Keys and to Whitley his messenger. This book is so important to me that I wear a small gold around my neck.

  • So amazing
    by Melanie C,

    I happened to see this tucked away in our local Barnes & Noble. The clerk snickered when I bought it because it was by Whitley Strieber. Too many people sneer at the guy. How wrong they are! I have now read it twice, and I have to say that it is inspiring, brilliant, and incredibly important. The morality in the Key, the compassion, the intelligence–whoever created this is a genius and an angel. Leave it to some dumb jerk to sneer. This is transcendent.

  • An amazing and powerful book.
    by Veronica,

    Wow! I completed this book in two readings. I then purchases two more copies to give my sons. This book clarified and tied together many other books that I’ve read. I understand why it’s called The Key. I believe that others will be coming forward with very similar stories and experiences A great and powerful work!

  • Fantastic
    by Trish,

    One of the best books I’ve read in years. Evocative and thought provoking.
    Thank you, James, for letting us know about this site.

  • The Key IS the key to life
    by Judy Arehart,

    I am just now discovering this informative book. I started reading it around 0300 and had to stop and start over.It has already answered so many of the questions I have had. Now I understand why all of a sudden I found the need to delve into Physics . I’ll be studying this for a while.

  • Ultimate Truth that cuts through all the esoteric prattle
    by james,

    I bought the original 10 years ago and it stayed on my night stand for 5 years. I keep returning to it. For me, it hold more truths than the Bible because there are truthful statements that are succient and to the point. “Sin is the denial of the right to thrive” “The veil between the worlds can fall” “Christanity,Islam and Buddism are 3 parts of the same system.” Many more truths, but without all the arcane lanuage or new age rumblings. I will purchase this next publication also. Highly Recommended for Humanity.

  • Will read again!
    by Wilfield,

    By reading the previous reviews I have become motivated to do a second reading. My first impression is that this book is a synthesis of the mysteries of ancient religions. The Master’s words sound to me very much like Krsna’s. If you do believe in many manifestations of the Supreme Personality of the Godhead, then this book should be outstanding!

  • An Imperative Message
    by Josh C,

    This book is a necessary read for all who care about the future of our species. This is a message to be passed on to generations to come not only as a prophecy, but clearly as a warning as well. No matter who the Master of the Key may be, the message is clear: We will remain prisoners on a planet that can no longer sustain us unless we can become brave enough to step out into the stars and take what is rightfully ours. The freedom that this universe has on offer.

  • If you Seek God
    by Davidius,

    If you seek God, read this book. There is profound wisdom to be found woven into the tapestry of words and the spaces in between. Though words may belie the truth, the silent spaces between them do not.

  • Experience this book, and it will become a part of you.
    by Francesco,

    The Key is one of the most moving and powerful books I’ve ever read. After my first read I was left in tears, and submerged in emotions too complex to describe. It was an awakening. I’ve since purchased two more copies of this “little book” and have lent them out to special people in my life. I have yet get one returned to me. Looking forward to getting another copy on MAY 12th!

  • If you're alive, then you owe it to yourself to study this book.
    by Daniel,

    This book changed my life. I mustn’t blame the messenger just because the message left me terribly unsettled. This is the first honest and real telling of truth, the Bible withstanding. Whitley Strieber met Jesus Christ, or one of his siblings, that is how profound the encounter and message should be received. I loaned my copy to a coworker and never got it back, but I remember it as if I were still reading it. Surely this refined soul, as Whitley refers to as the Master of the Key, had reason to come to a man whom he knew would tell anyone who might listen. So what was his purpose for allowing such a small taste of truth, to tease us, spark something deeper inside? Perhaps you, the next to read this authentic tale, will be the one to figure out the deepest meaning. Please tell us if you succeed. Good luck.

  • DO read it TWICE!
    by Anon,

    This Master of the Key clearly knew-or somehow accessed-knowledge way beyond what any of us know. The first time I read this I was deeply disturbed by it. Then we moved and I lost track of the book, only to find it when I unpacked. I re-read it but this time, my entire approach was different and I got MUCH MORE out of it! DO read it TWICE!

    “THE KEY” is the exactly the correct title for it.

    (NOTE: This review relates to the first edition of The Key)

  • It's a remarkable book
    by Anon,

    I have shared this book with many people, and some of them were not ready for its radically mind-blowing messages, and therefor shunned away from it in fear. And so I have learned to be a bit more selective about who I share it with.
    I feel this is an important book which requires a very unique approach to it. I recommend that people first read through it with a light & objective point of view, taking it in all in with a “grain of salt,” so to speak. This ‘causal’ first time reading approach to ‘The Key’ can help readers to not get too hung up on some of the heavier concepts that may not be easily swallowed or understood at first, which can cause some people to reject the entire book, and miss out on gaining any of its priceless wisdom.
    So I think we must present this book to new people with care and help prepare them for its content in ways we feel right about. For this is definitely not a book meant to be tossed around like some kind of New Age candy fluff!

    It’s a remarkable book which for so many people seems to reveal its truth over time, sometimes weeks after its been read.
    After I first read The Key, I remember feeling kind of a bit disappointed by it, as though I had expected it to be more profound. But in the weeks following, I started having suddenly epiphanies or ‘AHA-like’ realizations, In which I was suddenly understanding things I had read in The Key on a whole new and amazing level. It was like part of me or my soul was recognizing the truth, the reality of what I had read…..as if on some sleeping level I had always known it inside.

    (NOTE: This review relates to the first edition of The Key)

  • A precious and rare jewel of a book
    by Anon,

    A reading of this short but very powerful book will change the way you view yourself and our planet, as well as bringing about a reassessment of your relationship with God. Many readers find they return to it again and again, gaining further valuable insights into the purpose of life in this world – and beyond.

    It’s an uplifting, positive – sometimes even shocking – read, containing astonishing new information pertaining to our past as well as our future. It addresses many questions concerning our present climatological predicament, such as why we find ourselves in this dreadful situation in the first place, and provides a unique vision of a future where human souls, freed from the spiritual ignorance that’s kept us chained to the ground for so long, experience the joy that comes with understanding the true nature of objective consciousness – to “row the boat of being toward ecstasy.”

    This is a precious and rare jewel of a book.

    (NOTE: This review relates to the first edition of The Key)

  • 'The Key' is an important book
    by Anonymous,

    The Key is a remarkable book. I still can’t seem to fully accept it, nor deny it. It sticks in the mind and forces you to think anew. I just hope that Whitley isn’t making all this up (on purpose)
    because he would be the lowest of the low.

    And if he’s not making it up? Then psychotic episodes? Visions? Dreams? Reality?

    The Truth?

    I really don’t know. What I do know, however, is that ‘The Key’ is an important book.

    In these terrifying and uncertain times, we need a positive message of hope. The incentive to
    work towards a better world. The Key puts forward the idea that it can happen. And that the
    power lies in our hands and in our hearts.

    (NOTE: This review relates to the first edition of The Key)

  • Just get the book!
    by Anonymous,

    This book is so worth reading. I will recommend it but nobody reads anymore, they are stuck in TV and violence. Just get the book!

    (NOTE: This review relates to the first edition of The Key)


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