Whitley Strieber, Bestselling Author of Communion, his new book The Key - A True Encounter


If I have written any book of any importance, it is The Key. The book has a long history in my life. It started with a conversation that I had with a man in a hotel room in Toronto in 1998. It was the best conversation I have ever had, and he was the most extraordinary person I have ever met. He spoke with great eloquence and precision about such things as the nature of the soul, calling it ‘conscious energy,’ and of our place in existence, of what death really is and the nature of human destiny.

He also talked of scientific realities, many of which were unknown or unverified at the time, but which have since become accepted fact.

One of the most remarkable of these statements was one to the effect that there is more than one universe. Not just more than one galaxy, which is well known, but that the whole enormous universe, all that is, as far as we knew in 1998, is, in reality, not alone.

In recent years, this has come to seem to many scientists to be not just a speculation or a possibility, but a probability, and it is thought that the existence of other physical universes beyond our own will soon be proved.

The Key is a book of wonders and rich new ideas, and a book that I still find myself reading and re-reading just as I might something written by somebody else.

This is because it was, in a sense, written by somebody else. I am not the Master of the Key. I don’t know who he is and I have never been able to find him. So this feels, when I read it, like another author’s work—largely because that’s exactly what it is.

I am very grateful that he came into my life, and still rather confused that I, of all people, would be entrusted with the task of conveying his message.

It could not be more timely, more important, or more useful. The time for the Key is now.